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856-288-9229 ... Quality Hyacinth Macaw Parrots This 856-288-9229 sweetie pie loves to snuggle and are super friendly. It also enjoy a good belly rub and lots of kisses Email joriansean@gmail.com thanks.
House African grey Parrots are currently available.9O4-27O-97S3This sweetie pie loves to snuggle and are super friendly Email kelvinwallace2@gmail.com thanks.
Humble Blue and Gold Parrots sweetie pie loves to snuggle and are super friendly.551-233-9S89 It also enjoy a good belly rub and lots of kisses Email paulscotte2@gmail.com thanks.
Tamed amazon Parrot. amazony parrot in great condition Loves people and human company Can be shy at first but warms to people very quickly and talks when comfortable Great feather condition Very friendly , affectionate .
I have a pet macaw blue and gold that's very friendly, talks and comes with his cage.super sweet. ext me at any time (256) x 290 x 02 x 26 with any questions you may have. .
This beautiful Congo African Grey is available. Very sweet bird with an excellent vocabulary. Kindly reach us at (256) x 290 x 02 x 26, thank you. .
Adorable female& male African grey parrots looking forever homes. text(602) 429-9325, Comes with travelling cage. Very healthy and tamed. Eat variety of foods and seeds. Love playing with kids. Beautiful birds. Love cuddle and kisses. Whistles and talk.Will only to good loving home. Will make a wonderful addition to your house hold and a wonderful .
jhjkjkljjkjkjk Talkative African grey parrots for new home for more information and some lovely pics text to reach us via x (937) x 530 x 0325
Where are all my bikers? Meet Harley. Harlequin macaws are known for their sweet mentality and Harley fits it to a T. Adorable large size macaw with the personality to match. Harley has met many small children as a part time ambassador to the rescue. Large parrot experience is a must. Don't have any? Come volunteer to gain it. Interested in adoption? Visit our website www.lonelygreyrescue.org a...
Hello Spartans. Meet Spartacus. He very much lives up to his namesake and being part Scarlet you need to know your way around with this brute. He can also be very gentle and take an almond from your fingertips. He loves to be out and the center of attention. If he isn't he will politely, LOUDLY, scream to let you know he is displeased. Large parrot experience is a must. Interested in adoption? ...
Lonely Grey Rescue has many parakeets up for adoption! Most of them are very friendly and would love to keep you and your family company. Little guys need forever homes too! If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application at www.lonelygreyrescue.org. Please note: There IS an adoption payment with each bird and all charges are discussed with pre-approved adopters.
Meet the boys. Bunsen and renamed Beaker (formerly Gizmo). Awesome little guys. They can be boisterous teenagers much like all Conure's. Noise is to be expected. Content to hang on a stand or on your hand. Good family friendly pet to bird experienced homes. Interested in adoption? Visit our website www.lonelygreyrescue.org and fill out the adoption form under the "foster or adopt tab."
A once and true mans bird. Meet Jiffy. He was named that after his owners realized when they put him in his cage he would be "out in a jiffy." Unknown age as he was purchased off of Craigslist (ughh). We estimate he is only around 7/8. Absolutely lovable with men. He is not a family or woman's bird. But he will be your absolute best friend if you don't mind the constant escaping to find you :) ...
Meet Prit. Short for pretty. This wild caught, gem has been kept up with her whole life. At an estimated 28yrs old, she's really looking for the vacation home overlooking the cliffs. She can be full of energy and loves to dance. But she is as wonderful as they come. Due to age, no small kids . Interested in adoption? Visit our website www.lonelygreyrescue.org and fill out the adoption form unde...
Oh Miss Lady. What a sweetheart. Lady does have some issues. Lady was stuck into a breeding situation where she was forgotten about. On deaths doorstep she was left here at LGR. With the help of 1 of our adorable fosters we have been able to re energize her life and she loves it. Lady does have a permanent lung perforation. This causes her to lose her breath quickly when in flight. That doesn't...
Everyone's favorite, meet Candy Man. Our little Candy Man however, doesn't love cute kids. He also isn't fond of very many women. Definitely a mans bird he will fly right to your hand. He is still cute as you expect but definitely with the right match. Galah cockatoos can also be quite loud and there is no exception here. He will still lul you into submission with his lovable talk :) Interested...
Silly Peepers. Absolutely funny little bird. The best part? Past sexual maturity so no flying knife syndrome here. Cuddly, sweet, energetic clown. You need a lot of time for this little cutie. She will have you running all over the house to keep up. Interested in adoption? Visit our website www.lonelygreyrescue.org and fill out the adoption form under the Looking to Foster or Adopt.
Meet Mr. Grey. Although his name sake may be different he is a lovable mannered beauty. Adores attention and doesn't have a preference for male or female. After being lost outside and found, his family decided to find someone who had more time to pay attention to this escape artist. Interested in adopting? Please fill out an application on www.lonelygreyrescue.org under Looking to Foster or Adopt
Meet Bingo. She is a precious companion without a single bad thing to say. She is about 10yrs old. Unfortunate family circumstances landed Bingo safely here. Good with both men and women. Interested in adoption? Visit our website www.lonelygreyrescue.org and fill out the adoption form under the Looking to Foster or Adopt tab.
Meet Tut. The king parrot. He is a little nervous around new people but loves to chatter in your ear all day once he knows you. Understanding of king parrot diets is a must. His beak is prone to overgrowth from a bad diet in the beginning. Having a good Avian veterinarian to maintain this is essential. If you can't make the regular visits required we here can also maintain it for you. Born in 2...
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